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About The Las Vegas Strip Show™

Many say, “This is the show that started Reality TV”.

Production of The Las Vegas Strip Show™ began in late 1996. The original pilot episode was viewed by executives from three major network affiliates in 1997.  All agreed that the show would "own it's time slot"

The Las Vegas Strip Show™ debuted on Television in December, 2000.  The Show was hosted by Daveon Taylor, Robert Burton and Paul Howard.  It highlighted the fabulous hotels, casinos, shows and attractions that people visit on the Las Vegas Strip. Subsequent episodes were shot during The Adult Entertainment Expo and the CES Convention.  On the list of eye catching content are good looking girls and guys, bikinis and G strings of course!


On May 1st, 2003 the show began streaming globally over the Internet, a huge achievement for a show that previously was limited to a cable television audience.

This was the first National Television Show shot using Matt Tenzer's WunderBar. Recently, the show was offered for sale to media masters like Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Madonna, and Mark Burnett, plus the WB, NBC, CBS and FOX. The Show debuted on TV in 2000 and can now be seen world wide. Click here to purchase Sexy Souvenirs. Click here to advertise in the streaming show and receive a 5 second spot that will stream during The Las Vegas Strip Show™.








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